ORIMOON is made up of seasoned intellectual and imaginative brand experts, consultants, designers, animators, producers and everything in between. We are passionate in everything we do.

We combine strategy and imagination in producing results-based animated videos for your brand growth.

Every project begins with a strategic question: Where is the brand now? What direction does it wish to take? To whom is it speaking? Our creative works are more than simply attractive visuals since we dug deep to solve these challenging topics. We are problem solvers who provide real-world solutions. However, even the greatest plan is useless if your audience is uninterested in hearing it. That is when we use our vast imaginations to create stories that both intellectually and emotionally connect with people. Your brand transforms from a mere name on the market to something people believe in and identify with.

We offer approximately 3x cheaper services than typical video production agencies while maintaining a high standard.

  • High-quality production
  • Fast delivery
  • Reasonable price
  • 100% reliable

The Process

What are the steps involved in producing your branded animated video?

Step 1

Let us get to know you. We will provide you with a questionnaire to help us understand your business, your market and, the mission of the project. Then, we will create a strategic brand story and messages for your upcoming video. Once we reach an agreement, we make the necessary arrangement and get to work!

Step 2
Conception & Scriptwriting

This is the most important part of all. A great video is only as great as the story and script behind it. Once we have developed a concept that includes theme, mood, and feel for the video, we start developing an enthralling script. The script will determine the overall direction of the video. We also welcome scripts that you may have. However, we still might edit it as what we see fit for the video. We then present you with a draft script for feedback, and then we will make edits accordingly.

Step 3
Storyboard Development

The storyboard is a sequence of sketches organised scene by scene with dialogue and action notes. This is a visual perspective of the final video, and so this is where the storyline is perfected. We will present you with a storyboard and then, we will edit and polish it based on your feedback.

Step 4
Graphics & Animation

This is the stage where we detail out the characters, theme, scenery, colours and all sorts of graphics that will make the video look aesthetically pleasing. Then, we will bring them to life by our animators from start to finish. We will present you with the fully animated video for revisions and make adjustments according to your feedback.

Step 5
Voiceover & Sound Effects

If you are using a voiceover for the video, it is important to choose the right voice as to set the right tone and inflections. The right voice will connect to the audience effectively and deliver the intended message clearly. We will provide you with a few samples to choose from. You are also welcome to provide your own if you have one. The final step is adding the voice over and music to the video and syncing them all together. We are almost there!

Step 6

The video is now complete and ready! We will deliver the final video in HD format that is compatible for online use. You now assume full copyright to the final video. Kindly be informed that the format of the video varies with your desired destination. For example, the video format for TV is totally different from the format for online use. So, it is imperative that you highlight this request in your questionnaire and/or during our first consultation session.

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